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In terms of historical beginnings, District II is a young Barangay compared with other barangays in the City of Cauayan with historical account that begun during the Spanish period. It was only during the second term of Ex-Mayor Tranquilino Dalupang (1956-1964) that the town proper of Cauayan was divided into "poblacion", thus creating three separate districts. Each was identified as "Poblacion Uno", "Poblacion Dos" and "Poblacion Tres", from which Barangay District II was born.
In the earliest part of the 70's, it was the late Ex-Mayor Jose A. Africano Sr., served as Barangay Captain. His tenure was short because of his responsibility at the Provincial Capitol in Ilagan. He was then one of the advisers of Governor Faustino N. Dy Sr.
Mr. Efigenio Toledo, a college instructor of Political and Social Sciences at the Isabela Colleges became the Barangay Captain in February 19, 1972. An induction Program and Inaugural Dance was held on this date at the Isabela Colleges Quadrangle, to honor the outgoing Barangay Captain Mr. Africano and the incoming official Mr. Toledo.
The few years of service of Mr. Africano left a legacy to the Barangay District II. It was during his term that the lot presently occupied by the Barangay Hall, Library, RHU-I and the buildings around, was donated by Dr. Basilio B. Reyes. The original plan was to construct a Children's Playground in the name of the Dr. Reyes' two daughter: Marilou and Rosemarie. Mr. Toledo started this project. In fact, initial playground facilities were already being enjoyed by the barangay during the years 1973 to 1974. There were slide, see-saw, swing, to the delight of the nearby residents. In March 30, 1974, Mr. Efigenio Toledo, the energetic and dedicated Barangay Captain passed away with his boots on. His untimely demise affected the completion of the Children's Playground.
On April 14, 1974, Mr. Teodulfo Parallag took his oath of office as Barangay Captain being the first councilman. He served his constituents with dedication from 1974 to 1979.
Mrs. Consuelo R. Foronda who was then a resident of Roxas St., District II, and a college instructor of Isabela Colleges was appointed Barangay Captain in July 4, 1979. Her contribution to the Barangay District II is indeed significant. A part of her legacy is the historical records that will serve as reference about the previous Barangay Officials of District II and other related activities
In 1982, Mr. Jose A. Africano's desire to serve once again in his Kabarangay, became the Barangay Captain for the second time. As a former Mayor of Cauayan, his being a public servant still ran fervently in his blood. That is why even in his twilight years he still served his barangay in his own humble capacity. He passed away on June 4, 1984. From 1984 to 1987, Mr. Francisco Vallejo was tasked to be the Barangay Captain of District II. Just like his predecessors, Mr. Vallejo was truly committed to his work. It was during his term in 1987, that the new Constitution was enacted. Thus in 1988 there was a transition process in terms of electing the Barangay Officials. Mr. Artemio Dimaculangan was then elected Barangay Captain in 1988.
A year after, Mr. Rosendo D. Africano took the same position as the Barangay Captain of District II from 1989 to 1994 after Mr. Artemio Dimaculangan resigned as Barangay Captain. In April 1993 the construction of the Barangay Hall began. It was the first Barangay Hall to be constructed during the administration of Former Governor Benjamin G. Dy, who was then Governor of Isabela, and during the term of Cong. Faustino "Bojie" Dy III who was the town Mayor of Cauayan at the same time.
Mr. Pablo T. Rivera, Jr. was elected Barangay Captain of District II in 1994 and served his constituents until 2002. It was during his incumbency that District II was awarded Model Barangay for the first time. It was also during his incumbency that the Barangay Hall of District II was re-modeled and completed as you see it today. The construction of District II Library and Marirose Day Care Center were also constructed and completed during the administration of Barangay Captain Pablo T. Rivera, Jr.
Mr. Pablo T. Rivera, Jr. had a stroke due to high blood pressure in April 2002 that made him paralyzed and physically unfit to do his responsibilities as Barangay Captain so, Mr. Hilario Cortes, the first kagawad elect, took over the responsibility of Barangay Captain for three months.
The Barangay Elections held in July 15, 2002 gave way to Mr. Rosendo D. Africano to serve District II once again as Barangay Captain.
The Barangay Elections on October 29, 2007 pave the way for Mrs. Josephine M. Rivera, wife of former Barangay Captain Pablo T. Rivera, Jr. to serve District II as Punong Barangay. With full support from the people of Barangay District II, the following elected Barangay Officials took their oath of office onDecember 1, 2007 before the Hon. Caesar G. Dy, City Mayor of Cauayan City, Isabela.
Land Area:     374,128 Sq. M.
Population:    3,482 (Population 2005 Survey)
Distance:       0.70 Kilometers
Punong Barangay
Gaffud, Angel A.
Barangay Kagawad
Mansibang, Orlando U.
Barangay Kagawad
 Raul T. Cortez
Barangay Kagawad
Rowel F. Africano
Barangay Kagawad
Rodolfo L. Castillejos
Barangay Kagawad
Fortunato C. Lagamia
Barangay Kagawad
Inocencio B. Chua, Jr.
Barangay Kagawad
Mc Oliver B. Mansibang
Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman
Maria Theresa A. Vallo
Barangay Secretary
Marieanne Apple D. Bandayrel
Barangay Treasurer

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Hon. Bernard Faustino M. Dy - City Mayor