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Cauayan City Photo Gallery
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   1st Regional Youth Assembly
   gift4ps    cagempcmedical    milleniumgoals    smaccessroad
         Gift Giving to 4P's          CAGE MPC Medical Mission      Millennium Dev't. Goals          New SM Access Road
   smokecash    PPP2017    legislativeoffice    marketinspection
   Senior Citizen Cash Assist.                PPP 2017                      Legislative Office                Market Inspection
    cooplivelyhood    januarybday    2017soca    consultativefarmers
       City Coop Livelihood         Senior January Bday Celeb.               SOCA 2017                  Meeting for Farmers
   1stlsbmeeting    bambanti2017    4psfamilyday    inagurationvermi
         1st LSB Meeting              Bambanti Festival 2017        4P's National Family Day     Inauguration of Vermi House
   groundbreakdeped    cashassistancericefarmer    pledgedrugfree   rizalday
    Ground Breaking DepEd       Cash Assistance to Farmer     Pledge of Drug Free Brgy.               Rizal Day
   2kcash    jcdc    symposiumondrug    nationalnutrition
         2K Cash Subsidy            CDRRMC Year End Meeting   Symposium/Drug Revention     National Nutrition Awards
   globegcash    socailagan    phillidar2map    intercolor
    Globe GCASH Parnership                 SOCA Ilagan            Phil-LiDAR2 Maps Turn Over       Inter Color Openning  
   foodbank    choturnover    riboncuttingsm    VAW Free
             Food Bank                 RHU Turn Over Ceremony          Ribbon Cutting @SM          VAW-Free Community
   Childrensmonth    PTU San Fermin    crbirrigators    dilgawarding
    Childrens Month Celeb.                PTU San Fermin                   CRB Irrigators                    DILG Awarding
   bongbongvisitedisabela    dswdrelief    activationbeoc    bids and awards
   Bongbong Marcos in Isabela            DSWD Relief                    Activation of BEOC        Bids and Awards Committee
   coop month    jamboree    flagceremony    2ndyouth
    Cooperative Month 2016        3rd BSP GSP Jamboree                Flag Ceremony             2nd Coop. Youth Summit

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Hon. Bernard Faustino M. Dy - City Mayor